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The Worms Are Mad

by Spooky Basements

  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    19 song sophomore album by a four piece punk rock badcore group from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Members: Jay Maronen - Lead Vocals, Bass. Colin Robertson - Guitar, Vocals, Bass. Adam Reynolds - Guitar, Vocals. Ian McDonald - Drums.

    Artwork by Dan McDonald. Mastered by Steve McDonald.

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Hearsay 02:03
Hearsay - I tasted sorrow, and learned a lesson. Teenage melancholy comprises regret. I watched a rumor help end some ones life. Gossip coaxed the killer to pick up the knife. We're not what we've done. We're not peoples opinions. We're just victims of puberty, and social anxiety. We want the answers, but never ask the questions. Self-doubt is like a cancer much deadlier than arrogance. We fear the unknown much like we fear ourselves. We can try to dodge discomfort, but then end up overwhelmed. We are self conscious, and lackadaisical. We act malicious just like scared animals. We lather our bodies with trends to fit in. Maybe we've got it all wrong.. Take a break from running, because life isn't a race. Take a break from talking, and start listening. We have influence on everyone around us. Believe it or not, your behavior is contagious. All life is precious, and every action is a privilege. There are so many people who swallow the lies that are fed to them. Stand up to injustice. Gossip is a weapon, and you don't have to use it.
Shellshock 01:45
Shellshock - You're praying for a miracle to sweep you off your feet tonight. You've wasted your youth indoors by waiting for change to save your life. Inevitably you'll have to find a better way of living. Get away from your windowsill. Stop contemplating, because all of the world will never stop changing. YOU choose the path in which YOU walk, so walk! Take a stand, and use your voice to change the scene around you. Be polite while you're alive. Give, and you'll receive. Use respect, and intellect. Let your compassion will provide you with the attention, affection, and acceptance that you seek. It's easy to drown in your fantasies, whatever they are. If you spend too much time daydreaming the future will pass you by. Success will come if you make the first move, and cast the first line. You are the only one who can spark the fire. Dependency should be a form of luxury, but too often it's mistaken for a necessity. We've all faced pressure. We live lives that aren't always easy. Don't close your eyes, for you may miss what you're supposed to see. All of the world just wants you to wake up. Take your first step, and become the evidence of change.
Grip 01:46
Grip - You've been ignoring present settings, but you know corruption is an invasive thing? Your body is aching for something more than your brains content to do nothing, so get energized, open your eyes, and become aware of your surroundings. The world is a disturbing place, so why wouldn't you want to stay preoccupied by video games? life gets hard when you can't load a save. You're lying lonesome in your bed with trifle running through your head. You just turned on your t.v. set. What you're getting is brain dead. How many nights have you gone my dear without shelter for your mind, without comfort, without sleep? Can you even count the time you've lost my friend to veggin' out with a wide open mouth while dissolving into a t.v. screen? Our enthrallment with the virtual world has enticed our idleness. Self-improvement has been disregarded, and categorized as an encumbrance. You're lying lonesome in your bed with trifle running through your head. You just turned on your t.v. set. What you're getting is brain dead. You're brain dead like I am, and he is to. We're sitting here in our living rooms. sedentary in our tombs, because life's a game that we all lose. We try, and try to disconnect. We really need to get a grip.
Nobody 01:10
Nobody - I don't want to be like my dad, resorting to violence whenever I'm mad. I've injured people in the past out of rage that's why I'm frightened that I'll meet my fathers fate. He bottles up his feelings, so he pops easily. Every time he explodes he can't remember a thing. I came to a conclusion when I turned eight. My father’s mental illness took him away. He said "You can try, but you'll never make a difference. You'll never live up to others expectations. Nobody like us will ever succeed. “Son, when I look at you I see me." He was prescribed with bipolar disorder. It's an illness that worsens as one grows older. Often I've wondered who I'm going to be, and what will I do if it's hereditary? Is that future a possibility? Was I born to condone animosity? Am I a demon yearning to become an angel, or am I simply afraid of my shadow?
Sobriety 01:46
Sobriety - You can't pay your rent on time. Your kids need food, and you can't afford to buy. Instead you've spent your money on cigarettes, and alcohol. You're sober once, or twice a week. You blame others for your misery. You're unwell from living in poverty, but your issues are deeper than money. You stare deeply into your mirror, and often you can't recognize your face. A life of main-lining has left you scared. During moments of clarity you fall apart. Rehab will be your consequence. You know that you're far from innocent. It's been a while since we've spoken, so I'll repeat the last things that I said. Did you find the reconciliation you were looking for? Do you think your current situations an improvement from before? Your addiction to self-mutilation is something I cannot endure. You're stuck in a hallucination. Wouldn't you like the cure? Drugs are the most insidious things. They can ruin a life by swallowing it whole. Once they take you under their wings they'll let you believe that you have control. They may befriend you easily by making you feel unexplainable, but once they grasp you in their hands they'll never let you go. Stop wasting away on the ground. Here's my hand. Please take it now. I will no longer idly stand by. I'll help you up, or at least I'll try. I had given you everything I had got, and my decision was to pull the plug. Once you said "I want to rot" I just had to run. I resigned from your endless race empty of adrenaline, and sapped of strength. You relapsed for the final time. You plead for my help as I waved goodbye. I detached myself from your insanity. I played the fool for thinking I could stay. You insisted to me that you'd be okay, but I could always tell when you were lying. I hope that you've changed since I've been gone. I hope that I made the right call. I know one day you will find peace, but you'll have to find it without me.
Stop Drop & Roll - Stop feeling sorry for yourself my dear. You can't honestly tell me that you're treated unfair. You're feeling insecure, and miserable. I know the score, because I've heard it all before. You've got to stand up for yourself. Don't let your peers discountenance discourage you. Your emotions are your own, so don't let yourself lose control of them. Your perseverance is easily found, but rarely kept. You're struggling everyday by resisting becoming the undead. Don't let another moment orbit around your weariness of tomorrow.
Damsel 01:46
Damsel - There she goes again to throw herself down onto the floor. She's blind from crying, and heartbroken. She’s by herself where two belong. Now she's down on her knees praying to god so desperately. She asks him to show her mercy. She thinks that she deserves what she does not. As a child she struggled through molestation. When she grew up she said " Enough! I'm tired of equivocation" She went through hell, and leeched it well. She made a deal with the devil. She traded in her innocence to gain a strength that few ever adopt until one day a boy appeared, and with him followed the illusion of honesty. She told him her secrets as he told her his lies. He exploited her trust through manipulation. He stole her bliss, and destroyed her from the inside. She was depressed, and secluded. Her only friends were her delusions. She dreamt of heroism, but acted timorous, and snide. She spoke of glee. She thought that love meant indulging, but to know love means to know self-sacrifice. She's a perfect demonstration of what it looks like to give up. She took drugs in an attempt to forget by feeling numb. She started to laugh each time that she'd cry, because she knew that at least her tears were on her side. She was a misfit with a psychological deficit. She could not distinguish the difference between truth, and fiction. She was a conduit to her own petty self-pity. She was fed up with her life, so she forfeited living.
Let's Pretend - Let's pretend that we don't care about our opinions of one another. Let's pretend it's easy to watch the people we love suffer. Let's pretend we can change our feelings like channels on the t.v. Let's pretend our selfishness is pure rationality. We had each other thinking twice as hard, like we usually did. We abandoned reason to follow our hearts while under loves influence. The promises that we had to break were the ones we couldn't afford to make. The price for forgiveness was high, and we paid it with our trust, and sacrifice. When I look back to remember those days I wouldn't trade them for anything. The world back then seemed so conquerable back when we abandoned our senses. It feels like it's been forever since I've had good company. I haven't faced this harsh of weather until recently. We all say we'll treat the next few moments appropriately, but we always fail to realize exactly what that means. Let's pretend we still don't care about our feelings for one another. Let's pretend it's getting easier to watch the people we love suffer. Let's pretend we finally found the remotes to our feelings. Let's pretend. Let's pretend.
Busted 00:26
Busted - I'm busted again, and what did I do? Does it really matter to you? You'll bust me every chance you get. I'm not here to get busted.
Tired Of Everyone - I'm tired of everyone being full of doubt. I've already watched you drown. I've got myself to blame. I'm the one who's caused you pain. Maybe I should just sit out. Stay in my room to pout. No that's not how this is going to be. I am not your punching thing. Now would you look at me? My tongue is twisted, so I can't speak. Stop the blood in my veins. My muscles have tightened. I'm enraged. I'm tired of the same old mess. I'm getting tired of getting dressed. I cut myself, but I don't bleed. I must be turning into a machine. Out of all the things that I've said this time it's flown over your head. I know that my life is a joke. Before the end my mouth will be sewn shut, Because I don't care anymore. Tired of being full of doubt. If I can't swim I'll surely drown. I've only got myself to blame for being hung from the hang. I guess I'll just sit out. I will never end my pout. I've been consumed by hate, and I don't care anymore.
African President - "It wasn't rape, because I had the cows ready" said Jacob Zuma (south Africa's potential president) He was taken to court, and accused of rape of a younger women who happened to have aids. He said "Don't worry, because I took a shower to protect me from aids after every rape! It's safe!" " It wasn't rape, because I had the cows ready" He said gleefully " I was prepared to get married. Have you heard of lobola in the U S of A? I jumped in bareback, because I'm not afraid. After every session I'd take a shower to protect me from aids. After every session!" African president takes a shower. Read it in the news dummy!
Wolverine - I made a pact with myself to never trust again, because lately my greatest enemies were once my closest friends. My heart is sorely damaged, because I wear it on my sleeve. My optimism lacks a pulse, and my hope is dwindling. I've been trying to fight them for what feels like a lifetime (These murderous impulses, and desires for revenge) I thought that I could beat them, but fatigue is setting in. I've lost my cool. I'm gambling with my life, and I know I'm gonna lose. I don't fear the repercussions of what I know will follow soon. I became reckless as I stumbled over the edge. I traded in my ticket to heaven for a slim shot at revenge. I decorated the walls with blood, and gasoline. The sound of sirens rung high, and harmonized panicked screams. I heard their final cries as I walked the streets. My adversaries now plead for their lives in the purgatory. I told you mother fuckers that there would be coming a day when fire would fill your rooms. When all of your heroes cease to be brave what are you gonna do? Now all of the people I have come to hate burn to death in their beds. They're crying out for something, but nothing is there. My sympathy is fucking dead.
Podophilia 02:34
Podophilia - I was ten years old when I first realized that I found women's feet intriguing. I never understood the permanence of my condition until I turned thirteen. When I realized that I had a fetish I treated it like it was a disease. I tried retracting my fascination, but instead I became my own worst enemy. I listened to years of disgusted remarks between my family, and my friends. They inadvertently tore me down with their revulsion's of fetishism. I was still undercover, and too disheartened to confess the truth. My paranoia was tremendous, so my shame stuck to me like super glue. Anyway besides the lack of sleep insomnia wasn't really so bad. In my pursuit of self-possession my compulsiveness steered me into a darker path. I denied my poisonous thoughts when I should have accepted them. I was fifteen when I came out of the shoe. I wasn't shunned, but congratulated.
The Worms Are Mad - Life is a gift that we treat like a chore. We hustle throughout our daily routines while wanting more. We're used to hectic days without resolution. We're confined in dignity, yet lacking recreation. When keeping pace gets insufferable we give up our lives rather generously. Our minds combined could forge great things. It's too bad that we use them to commit grim deeds. Do you ever lay awake at night when you feel exhausted, but you can't find sleep? You close your eyes to count the sheep, but it seems like you only know how to day dream. You zone-out during class, or work, and for a second you leave your body. You embark on an imaginative mission called an intermission of short relief. Are you having troubled sleep at night? Are you experiencing Infirmity? Do you ponder your existence? Have you considered therapy? During times of lethargy do you ever stop to think? Try turning down a brand new street, because maybe a refreshment is all you need.
Goodbye 02:32


19 song sophomore album by a four piece punk rock badcore group from Ann Arbor, Michigan.


released April 30, 2016

Members: Jay Maronen - Lead Vocals, Bass. Colin Robertson - Guitar, Vocals, Bass. Adam Reynolds - Guitar, Vocals. Ian McDonald - Drums.

Artwork by Dan McDonald. Mastered by Steve McDonald.


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